A guide to Paleo Diet

Obesity is a major lifestyle disease that causes other health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, etc. It is a condition that affects two out of every five individuals today and with unhealthy food habits and fast paced life it is a condition that cannot be easily gotten rid of. Exercises do help to reduce your weight for certain but it is also important to eat healthy or rather a balanced diet. Many people today follow all sorts of diet plans to only fail and dieting never supplies you with all the essentials required. Paleo diet which is gaining a lot of popularity today is a wholesome diet plan that assures your complete well being and helps you remain active and fit which are the signs of good health.

Paleo diet is all about good health

Paleo diet is indeed a nutritional approach that actually works with in sync with the human DNA to help you achieve lean and strong body and also helps you get more energetic. Basically the root cause of certain lifestyle diseases like obesity, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression and infertility, etc are the modern food that we eat because the modern diet simply consists of refined foods, trans fats and a lot of sugars. And Paleo diet is the steps you take towards eating healthy and right avoiding foods rich in the above mentioned culprits.

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet has a whole list of health benefits right from improved blood lipids, weight loss, reduced pains resulting from autoimmunity, etc. The Paleo diet also known as Paleolithic diet is based on the concept of what our ancestors would have likely eaten like berries, nuts, meat, etc which means that they wouldn’t have eaten modern foods like diary as they did not have the means of getting them or processing foods.

Paleo diet accentuates on eating only highest quality proteins like grass-fed beef, pastured pigs, wild caught seafood, etc. From a health and nutritional point of view it is beneficial for instance; the grass fed beef lesser fat and greater level of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E when compared to conventional beef.

Despite the health benefits and weight loss effects of Paleo diet, many fail to follow and give up on it sooner because the diet needs you to avoid legumes, grains, sugar and dairy products. But when you have amazing recipes that do not involve these ingredients then dieting becomes fun.