Cargo forwarding services abroad or abroad are intended for all sectors of the economy – private, business, and public. The service provides a complete response to the needs of transporting cargo and shipping them by land, air, or sea in an efficient, safe, economical, and fast manner. The air freight forwarding services are performed by planes on a variety of flight routes and are required to pass through airports.

Air Freight Forwarding Services

The meaning of freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is a procedure that includes all stages of transporting cargo and goods from a certain point of origin to their final destination. And usually refers to the transfer of cargo between different countries and regions around the world as part of import and export or relocation procedures. Since this is a complicated and complex procedure on an international scale, which is required to accommodate all the needs of logistics, bureaucracy, and supply chain, it is recommended to carry it out with the assistance of a professional who specializes in shipping services.

Different shipping options

Freight forwarding can be carried out in three main ways air, sea, and land, with the choice of the best shipping method varying according to the characteristics of the cargo, the cost of transportation, and the degree of urgency of its arrival:

Land shipping

It is carried out by various means of land transport, mainly trucks and trains, where between countries it is necessary to pass through border crossings at customs points.

Sea freight

It is carried out by transport ships on various shipping routes and is required to pass through seaports.

Choosing an appropriate means of shipping

The choice between sea, air, or land freight varies according to the different parameters to consider. The main ones are:

Special needs –

The type of shipping is also determined according to the nature of the materials to be transported and the degree of their sensitivity, for example, if they are explosive in water or sensitive to air pressures. Also, the choice of the type of shipment is determined according to the security classification of the cargo, the degree of its fragility, and more.

Speed –

The urgency of the cargo’s arrival at its destination greatly affects the type of shipment chosen for it, with air freight being the fastest. At the same time, as the urgency of arrival from shipping increases, so does the price of transporting cargo.

Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding companies function as a professional body for the transportation of cargo, which serves as a representative of the cargo owners and mediates between the various entities that must be dealt with.