The job of an architect is to develop a plan for a project. When visiting an architect, one of the first things will be establishing a clear communication line. Then comes the main part of the work of the architect, which is the actual implementation of the project. Get your planning in order by ensuring everything from permits to logistics is in order.

Finding someone who can work with you is important when looking for an architect.

You’ll want to ask the architects around you a few questions and see what they’re up to. While you might get lucky with the first one you find, it can be helpful to see what three or four have to offer and then make a decision.

It is important to find out what sustainable architects in Melbourne have experience with. Some will work in residential buildings, while others will work in commercial buildings. Even within these two main categories, there are a few sub-categories that you’ll want to know about.

When you need a building to be built for you, the architecture firm must have experience designing something similar. For example, an architect may have experience with data centers, commercial buildings, condominiums, and more if you are looking for a commercial building. You can usually visit a company’s website to get an idea of ​​what they’ve done in the past, although a phone call to find out exactly what they’ve been working on can go a long way.

Better buildings: Designing solutions for sustainable architecture -  Sustainability - University of Queensland

If you are interested in architecture, you should find out if the architecture firm is familiar with using sustainable materials. Every material used in your building can determine the entire structure. Especially if you want to create a building for marketing purposes, you should ensure that the architecture firm you choose is comfortable with such materials and can provide you with the unique design you are looking for.

Find out what an architect uses and recommends depending on what you want to create. The last thing you want to consider when looking for an architect is fees. Each architect in the area will charge a different amount, and this has a lot to do with the overall amount of design they have to do. You can save significant money by choosing one of the already created designs and modifying them slightly to suit your needs.


You should be able to contact the company and get a general idea of ​​what the cost will be. Although some prices may vary slightly from those listed, you can get a good idea of ​​how much it will cost to build a building that meets your needs. As you make changes and need to spend more time on your plans, more money may be added to your final cost.