High-Quality Scaffolding Services For Your Domestic And Commercial Customers Needs

High-Quality Scaffolding Services For Your Domestic And Commercial Customers Needs

Scaffolding is known for its other terms staging or scaffold. It is a temporary structure built to be used for supporting the work crew and materials aiding in different forms of work:

  • construction
  • maintenance and repair
  • bridges
  • all other man-made structures


All these works are performed with the help of Alta Scaffolding. Keep in mind that any of the mentioned works projects can’t be easily performed and completed without scaffolding. Thus, it plays a big role in the completion of any project in domestics and commercials.

Alta Scaffolding

What does scaffolding use for?

Scaffolds are used on-site to access areas and heights that are difficult to reach. When the installed scaffolding is unsafe, it results in serious injury and death. Also, scaffolding is used in forms for:

  • shoring and formwork
  • grandstand seating
  • concert stages
  • access towers
  • exhibition stands
  • half pipes
  • art projects
  • ski ramps

Today, there are 5 main types of scaffolding that are widely used today, namely:

  • tube and coupler
  • prefabricated modular system
  • H-frame/facade modular
  • Timber scaffolds
  • Bamboo scaffolds

Each type uses several components, including

  • Base jack
  • Upright component
  • Ledger
  • Transom
  • Brace
  • Board decking or batten
  • Scaffold tie
  • Brackets
  • Coupler

All these severa components made it possible for scaffolding to be functional and safe to use. There is also Azed component used in aiding the temporary structure, which includes ladders, load bearing transoms, ingress and egress, beams ladder, and more. Yes, if you don’t know more about scaffolding, then you must see a company offering scaffolding services.

The scaffolding service company is the only expert whom you can ask for this kind of service to help complete your project. Without scaffolding, a building can’t be finished. These materials should be heavy duty, to make sure of the safety of the workers or contractors working for the project on the site.

Three main types of scaffolds

There are three common main types of scaffolds, namely:

  • Supported scaffolds
  • Suspended scaffolds
  • Aerial lifts

How many types of scaffolds are available?

There are 8 different types of scaffolds available, namely:

  • trestle
  • steel
  • patented
  • suspended
  • cantilever
  • single
  • double
  • kwikstage

As an engineer working on a project, you are well-knowledge about which type of scaffold is good to use. For example, in a huge commercial building, would you use bamboo scaffolds? Well, safety is a must. So, you must choose the right type of scaffold. One of the reasons why many workers got serious injuries is the wrong choice of scaffolds.

Thus, scaffolding must be taken seriously. If not, the risk of your contractors or workers will be at stake. There is no way for you to fail in choosing durable and heavy-duty scaffolding if you are a licensed engineer. Safety is the priority before the completion of the project.