What things do you have to check before buying a solar light?

Using solar bollard lights is you can invest in for your outdoor spaces and landscape design. Many people use them because they are simple to look at and affordable to install. Not only because it is simple and affordable, but they also liked it because it will not add to their monthly bill. It helps them to save money because that is what most people are now. There is now a bigger market for solar that gives lots of product innovation. Sometimes there will be new customers to solar lights, and they don’t have any idea what they have to look for. In the market, different solar lights will depend on different levels of quality. It will be from their power storage to light output. Knowing how to look for a solar light will not waste your investment because you know what you need to look for.


Many people know that solar lights using direct heat from the sun will charge the battery during the day. It is to keep it in stored energy that is put into power once it is dark. The higher the autonomy of solar light, the longer it will stay lit without being charged. Solar lights have a cheap battery that will only stay bright for a few hours without sunlight. It may not be a problem in the tropics, where the sun shines daily. But the lights will be ineffective in a different place. When you want adequate solar light, you need to use more autonomy. Good solar lights with a high-quality battery can stay lit under stormy weather.

solar bollard lights

Power storage

Autonomy is one of the essential factors you must look for in a solar light, which is the same as in power storage. It will measure how the light can convert the sunlight to a battery charge. Those lights with good power storage need less time to charge a low battery and work for a few hours. But the power storage is not the same as the charging time. When you have a low battery, it can charge faster than a bigger battery. A high-quality battery will have the best power storage rate.


Some places have climates that are harder on solar lights. The moisture will be mixed with different temperatures. It can destroy the batteries and the solar cells faster. When your place has different weather in a month, it will not survive any solar lights for a long time. You must install good solar lights that can withstand your place’s temperature. The battery will be your first concern to fail from stable temperatures.

Luminous flux

A solar bollard will provide and measure the amount of light output in lumens. Using low-quality light will be dim, and LED lights give you good lumens with lesser power. The lesser expensive model can have 100 lumens, while the quality light has more than 120 lumens. When your light produces a lower end, you will have to install them in short intervals. When there are more bollards, it will cost you much in a project that will depend on the total sizes.

These are the qualities of solar lights that you have to know before you invest. Ideally, you know about it before you waste money on other low-quality lights for your house. It will help you identify the best models in your pathways or garden.