To understand and appreciate wine and all that goes with it, such as wine and cuisine, wine and entertainment, wine and artwork, wine and travels, etc., like-minded individuals are brought together in a wine club in Eugene, OR.

Discover decision-making and appropriate choice techniques

  • Pay heed to your finances and experience level while selecting a wine club. Do you care more about quantities at the best price or wine quality?
  • Determining how much guidance you require from the club based on an accurate appraisal of your wine expertise is a smart first step when exploring wine clubs.
  • Ensure the wine can be sent legally before placing your order because wine shipment laws are complicated and differ from place to place.
  • Wine clubs offer in-depth tasting notes (well about grapes, aromas, tannin, vineyards, and liquors) for every wine, which aids both novices and specialists in expanding their knowledge.
  • Make sure the wine is genuinely reduced before joining a wine club, and look into the membership terms’ refund and cancellation provisions.

Subscription clubs could be an affordable, simple way of learning more about wine, in addition to being a lot of fun. Make sure that you understand all of the membership rules, particularly how far you will be tied into the monthly costs and what restrictions there are on quantity and variety if your search has led you to what appears to be the ideal wine club.

Tower Club vintages are among the top choices on wine lists at restaurants around the nation, but they often produce minimal quantities of wine for our elite Tower Club. King Estate Tower Wines Club in Eugene, OR, is excellent and exclusive; expert winemakers produce wines in small quantities and are exclusively available.

Services done through plan

 What sets King Estate Tower Club apart from others?

This club offers several benefits which make it an authentic club compared to others in the area:

  • Pricing preference for winery gatherings
  • Exclusive club activities
  • Access to the library, small lot, and wide format bottles first
  • Exclusive details on our winery, farms, and promotions
  • Perspectives from winemakers on club drinks
  • Assistance with business and personal giving from professionals
  • Membership benefits begin with the initial club purchase.

Members of the club are happy to share tours of the property, their biodynamic estate, and a breathtaking vineyard. Take in the expansive vistas of the vineyard and, if the weather is good, the Three Sisters Mountains to the east as you stroll about the property. Proceed into the barrel room to complete your tour, where wines are safely stored while they wait to be bottled.