Foods to include in your Diet to Control Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common condition these days. About 422 million people around the world are living with diabetes. Though the medical field has developed, millions of deaths are attributed to diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and sometimes can be hereditary. It might not be possible for everyone to give up a particular lifestyle. Sometimes stress can be the reason for the occurrence, while other times, food habits and inactivity are wrong. However, if you or your loved one is affected by diabetes, it is easy to keep it in control with proper home diabetes care.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle like a proper diet, regular workout, and maintaining stress-free life could help keep it in check. Maintaining a diet is quite a struggle cos most of the staple foods are not diabetes-friendly, and the alternatives are all bland and tasteless. This often demotivates patients from following the diet. Hence, some tasty and healthy foods keep diabetes in check at home.

Fatty Fishes

home diabetes care

For meat lovers, fatty fishes like sardines, anchovies, salmons, and mackerel are great options. They contain good fats and are high-quality protein that regulates blood sugar levels.

Leafy greens

This is an obvious choice, but leafy greens added to your diet and some protein like fish and fresh olive oil are tasty and good for your health. Spinach and kale have lots of micronutrients and are loaded with fibers. The increasing diet works well against the body’s glucose levels.


Nuts are tasty and good fats to be included in your diet. It improves heart health by lowering harmful cholesterol levels in blood vessels. It has high fiber content and lowers blood sugar.


Usually, patients have to stay away from most fruits like bananas, mango, apples, etc., due to their high fructose sugars. But, avocado has only traces of sugar and is highly nutritious and filled with fiber and good fats.


Sabja seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are superfoods recently discovered by dieticians. They have so many fats and other benefits that incorporating them into your diet will ensure that no disease ever touches you.


Taking care of a diabetes patient at home is critical; you have to be cautious about their dietary requirements and ensure that their sugar levels are lower with the help of proper diet and nutrition. The food should be rich in proteins and fiber and less in carbs. Include the foods mentioned above in your meal daily, and you will find yourself more healthy.