Know All About The Affordable International School In Singapore

One of the biggest changes that have been brought into the system is that of residential schools. When the British came, they brought with them many foreign influences that got integrated with the Indian culture. One of the biggest tells was on the schooling system. The Indian educational system was the responsibility of Gurukuls. Children had to leave their home and go to live with their teachers who tutored them for a few years before sending them back.

This was done away with and a system of residential schooling was introduced. This came with its own merits and demerits. It becomes really difficult to choose the correct school for your dear child. After all he will be spending a large part of his day at school and you cannot afford if he or she doesn’t get the perfect environment to learn and to grow as an independent personality. Though every parent have their own criteria of selecting a perfect school for their children, but there are few parameters that are quite standard when we are out to search for schools.

Every parent wants his or her kid/s to get best education. Regrettably, often the affordability turns out to be the determining factor for the parents and they give less value to curriculum or the school. Certainly this is an important parameter to consider and there are varying other factors to consider and understand.

affordable international school in singapore

What is the process of admission?

Admission in affordable international school in singapore happens at the age of three and then in most cases children continue to study in the same school till they complete their education. There are certain cases where parents may have transferable jobs owing to which the child may have to shift schools more often. Studying in a CBSE board then comes to your advantage because no matter where you go, you will easily find a school following the curriculum of the CBSE board and your ward will have no difficulty catching on.

There are some additional steps that need to be met, like the submission of fee and signing of affidavits (in some schools) that guarantee the compliance of pupils with the rules of the institute. After the initial procedures have been fulfilled, you are called upon to meet the initiation procedures. These are mainly aimed at getting the students acquainted with the legacy of the institute and the code of conduct that you are expected to follow. In some cases, non-compliance can also result in the expulsion of the student from the current course and getting barred from applying again.