What are the Best Universities to Study business management degree Singapore?

Singapore is said to be one of the countries suitable to be the world’s business center. Successful entrepreneurs from Asia, as well as many who come from university graduates in Singapore. Another important component as a requirement to study business management degree singapore is the Passport and the mandatory Singaporean student visa.

Many of the world’s top universities offer a wide range of college programs and majors that are in high demand. Especially for studying entrepreneurship majors, here are some insights into recommended universities:

National University of Singapore

 Business School is a faculty where you can choose to study entrepreneurship in Singapore. Also, join the Enterprise Summer Programmer on Entrepreneurship to complement your internship.

Business Management Degree Singapore

Technological University

The campus opens an Entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship program to practice innovation in business in the public domain. You can choose a post-graduate (S2) course for this major.

What are the characteristics that are suitable for studying business majors?

Skills needed by every entrepreneur. Have you decided to major in entrepreneurship abroad? It is not complete if you do not know your personal character which is indeed suitable for studying entrepreneurship abroad.

Knowing this kind of personal character can make you more focused on going to college and pursuing the best career for the future. Here are some characters that are suitable for entrepreneurship lectures:

  • must be thorough
  • critical thinking
  • must be diligent
  • happy to count
  • love to analyze
  • good communication skills
  • happy to solve problems
  • insightful
  • can work with a team

How Long Is the Duration of Studying Entrepreneurship Major in Singapore?

Entrepreneurship majors in Singapore generally offer more post-graduate (S2) courses than bachelor’s degrees (S1).

  • Undergraduate (S1) 3-4 years
  • Masters (S2) 1-2 years

As for some examples of courses studied in entrepreneurship majors abroad, they are generally as follows:

Undergraduate (S1)

  • Social Science
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Accounting Financial
  • Microeconomics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Behavior
  • Market Research and Consumer Behavior
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Law and Taxation Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Business Communication
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Management of Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Postgraduate (S2)

  • Innovative Ideas and Concept Development
  • Strategies for Managing Innovation
  • Business Modeling and Customer Validation
  • Innovative thinking
  • Creative design, Prototyping, and Testing
  • Market Development and Commercialization
  • Legal Aspect of Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management and New Venture Financing

What are the Salary Prospects of Business Graduates in Singapore?

Graduates of bachelor’s (S1) or post-graduate (S2) degree courses from the entrepreneurship department have the opportunity to be able to work in large companies that focus on business and management in it.

Then what are the income expectations for graduates majoring in entrepreneurship from universities in Singapore? A business Consultant has an average salary of SGD$ 67,000/Rp. 688 million.