Why Is Crib Bedding Dangerous for Babies?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), together with groups such as SIDS First Candle Coalition and Health Canada, advises that crib bedding poses a substantial risk to newborns. Its advice: All your infant requires in their cradle is an appropriately sized firm bedding and a well-fitted baby cot bed sheet set. When the infant is laying on the mattress, there should be no indentations. Use newborn sleepwear and sleeping bags instead of blankets to keep the baby warm while sleeping.

Instead of attempting to retrofit a dangerous crib with crib bumpers, choose a crib intended to minimise the chances of head entrapment. The United States safety regulations were changed in June 2011, so search for a crib built after that date. Its advice: All your infant requires in their cot is an appropriately sized hard bedding and a well-fitted baby cot bed sheet set.

Unsafe Bed is still available for purchase.

Ignored repeated warnings, baby bed sets with cushions and comforters are still on the market. The Consumer Product Safety Committee in the United States has not prohibited their sale. In 2019, the state of New York prohibited the selling of crib barrier pads.

baby cot bed sheet set

While you may feel disappointed that a cot does not appear “complete” without bedding, take solace in the cash you will save. You might want to spend the extra money on high-quality crib linens, which will almost probably receive a lot of usage with frequent washes. Furthermore, you may be able to go to sleep realizing that you are implementing adequate steps for your infant’s sleep safety.

Friends and family may give you baby comforters and blankets, even ones they created themselves. Explaining that you will not be utilising these products in the crib may appear disrespectful. Contemplate using a blanket as a wall sconce or throwing a sheet over the cot rail for d├ęcor; remove it before putting your child to sleep.

Best Crib Bedding

Crib sheets must fit snuggly over the mattress. Sheets that have not been which was before by the producer are prone to shrinking. Those with simply parts of elastic instead of elastic around the whole edge of the blanket may also reject to remain in place.

To avoid this, search for sheets with elastic all the way around, not always at the ends. Sheets composed of 100% cotton would last the longest after multiple items of washing, albeit they may be a little wrinkled when they come out from the dryer. If this bothers you, seek cotton mix sheets with a greater cotton percentage.